Nobuhiro Nakanishi exhibition

08 May 2014

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Kashya Hildebrand London has opened Reticulated Time in the presence of Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi. The exhibition presents works from his iconic Layer Drawing and his Stripe Drawing series, exploring the inspiring effects of nature and our perception of it. The exhibition runs until 14 June 2014.  

Nakanishi seeks to uncover a raw beauty within our everyday experience by creating sculptural works that capture and preserve fleeting moments from the natural world. He renders tangible the intangible and seeks to recreate the tactile sensations produced by our surroundings. Suspending these moments in time – a view of a sunrise or a walk through a misty forest – Nakanishi activates our sensory experiences of them: the feel of sunlight on skin, or the smell of mist among the trees.

In this exhibition, Nakanishi brings together time and space, as well as the microscopic with the macroscopic. Presenting nature as a series of distilled moments, he seeks to reinvigorate our sensory experiences with its physicality and tactility, as well as highlighting a fundamental structure of the world. One cannot appreciate light without seeing dark, Nakanishi says – it is only through contrast that objects are able to be seen and are able to exist. His work encourages us to reconsider this principle in relation to the larger world in which we live and also to see with fresh eyes places, things, and events that have perhaps grown stale through their very familiarity by imbuing them with a distinctive vitality.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi
Reticulated Time
25 April-14 June 2014

22 Eastcastle Street London W1W 8DE
Tel: +44 203 588 1195 Fax: +44 203 588 1196

All images courtesy the artist and Kashya Hildebrand. Installation photography by Susanne Hakuba.