New Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist and Fellow

10 November 2014

Society news

Congratulations to Dr John Allen from Tyne & Wear.  Dr Allen is the Society’s new Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist & Fellow.  This qualification recognises an exceptional contribution to the science of photography at a senior level.  The ASIS qualification was conceived as being equivalent to having Chartered status.

More information about the qualification: 

Photographic and imaging techniques are used increasingly in practically all walks of life; the image is as important as the printed word. The science and technology that make this possible come from imaging scientists working in a wide range of disciplines and applications. To recognise achievements in this field, and to enhance career prospects by recognising professional competence, The Royal Photographic Society offers professional Imaging Scientist Qualifications. The Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist & Fellow is a senior professional qualification.

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