Bleeding London TV Appeal

28 October 2014

Society news

London Regional Organiser, Del Barrett ARPS, appeared on London Live this morning to promote the region’s ambitious project Bleeding London (based on the Whitbread short-listed novel of the same name by Geoff Nicholson) to Londoners.  With more than 30,000 streets now covered, the region is hoping to complete the goal of 43,000 streets by the end of the year.

Del reminded photographers that the deadline for images from the popular areas (such as the iconic sights of the capital) was midnight on Friday.  However, the project still needs images from postcodes in the outer areas and the suburbs; these will be accepted until the end of the year.  If you can contribute to the project, email for information on where and what to photograph.  Watch some of Del's interview below.

Picture: NW3 Eton Road by Steve Reed