Freedom to Love

16 October 2014


Freedom to Love is the theme of Accademia Apulia UK’s 2014 Photography Award.  This award is open worldwide and is designed to promote photographers of all nationalities whose work explores the theme.

The competiton has the support of The Royal Photographic Society, and is under the patronage of Amnesty International, the European Commission and the British Council.  The judges are looking for photographs that testify that love is universal. Participants are invited to submit images of love, communion and friendship that cross established social boundaries, be they racial, religious, gender, age, or any other identifiable boundary.

Freedom to Love aims to raise awareness on the difficulties many people endure every day worldwide, as they try to express the most powerful and constructive human quality - love. ‘No one should be afraid to walk down the street holding hands with the person they love’  -- Barack Obama, 2012.

Most western societies enshrine in their constitution the rights of freedom and equality. Our leaders maintain we are free to live our lives, make our own decisions. Yet intolerance, prejudice, injustice and even brutality is suffered by individuals simply following their heart and attempting to love another person. Race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender-identity still act as silent dividers of the modern era.

Challenging traditional belief systems can result in being ostracised, jailed or in some cases, death. According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales there are an estimated 278,000 hate crimes committed on average every year. People of all persuasions are often forced to leave their home and all that they know to be with the person they love. History is rife with famous examples, including forbidden love at its finest: Romeo and Juliet.

Entries are free and details of submission can be found here:  Entries are required by 7 December 2014. 

Image: © Benedetta Polignone