New Galleries Page

15 October 2014

Member news

We have a new Galleries page on the website where you can display your work and view albums added by other people.  You will find this on the main menu bar just above the rotating images on the RPS Home page  Only RPS Members can add albums to the website.  All new albums added to the site will be available on the Galleries page, but will only be viewable depending on the privacy settings you choose. 

To Add an Album

Login to the website > go to My RPS > select the blue My Profile tab > click on Add an Album.

Images must be jpeg format. We recommend that landscape format files are no wider than 1000px and portrait are no taller than 800px. Exceptionally long file names or files with special characters in their title such as , ? ! may not upload.

Images will appear in the best fit in the album layout (based on image size and shape), but will appear in your desired order in the slideshow display. 

You can choose to tag your album to your local Region or Chapter so that it will appear in their Galleries feed, as well as any Group you are a member of if you feel the subject matter is appropriate to the Group.

To allow other users to view the album/amend the privacy settings

While you are adding your album (as above), make sure you select ‘RPS Members and non-members can see this album’ or ‘Only RPS members can see this album’.  If you select the latter option, only Members who are logged into the website will be able to see your album on the Galleries page.

Below each album on the Galleries page you will notice the photographer’s name.  Some of these will be coloured blue – if you click on those that are blue, you will be taken to a page of information about that person which has been drawn from the information they have added in My RPS.  This can include things such as a link to your own website, something you have written about yourself, the Distinction you hold if you have one and links to your other albums.  Again, you can decide who can view this page (if anyone) by going to My RPS > clicking on the blue My Profile tab > scrolling down to Profile Privacy > and then clicking on Edit Details and choosing one of the options under Profile Access.

Include your contact details or website to allow prospective clients to contact you.  If you are contacted by someone who would like to use one of your images and are unsure of what to charge you may find this site very useful as a guide to make sure you are paid fairly:, but please remember that if you are paid for your work you will also be liable to pay your own tax on the money you earn.

Why not share the link to your profile or album?

To link to your profile (your profile privacy settings must be set to Public for the general public to be able to view your profile)... Logout > go to Membership > Member Search > search for yourself by putting your surname into the Keyword search field > click through to yourself > copy the hyperlink from the address bar - it will look something like this: - you can then share this with friends, family, clients etc. why not include it as a hyperlink on your website or social media if you have them? 

If other users share the same name as you you may find your hyperlink has a number on the end like this: - links are allocated on a first come first served basis and we cannot amend these if you get one with a number after it.  If you want to ensure that you don't get a link with a number on it, you may want to first search for your name in the Member Search and see if any other members share your name.  If they do, you may want to amend your name slightly by adding your middle initial or your Distinction to your name within the My Account area of My RPS (examples of this could include John R. Smith or John Smith ARPS).

To link to your album... Logout and find your Profile as above > when you are on your Profile click on one of your albums > copy the hyperlink from the address bar - it will look something like this: (the information after the last forward slash is the title of your album so try to keep these concise).  You can now share these album links.