Photowalk 2014 winners

17 October 2014

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More than 200 amateur and professional photographers took part across four STFC sites: the UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) in Edinburgh, Daresbury Laboratory in Cheshire, the Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire.

Dr Andrew Taylor, Executive Director National Laboratories said: “This latest series of STFC Photowalks has been a tremendous success and the images produced help to capture some of the incredible science that goes on at our sites in a fresh and exciting way. We’re sure that the winning photographs will fire imaginations and raise the profile of the fascinating work that’s carried out at our sites”.

Regional judging of the 2014 STFC Photowalk in September led to a shortlist of forty images. The public then voted online to decide which ten images were the most inspiring and spectacular. Over 1300 votes were received from members of the public and the following six winners were selected from that list by national and regional judging panels:

  • National Winner (and RAL regional winner) - John Willoughby won £750 in vouchers with his image of the Polref instrument, designed to give a unique insight into the properties of materials on an atomic scale, in STFC’s ISIS Target Station 2. RAL_05_319555299Thumb.jpg
  • Online Winner – Mike Tyldesley won a trip to CERN for him and his 14 year-old son with his image of an STFC employee ‘at one with his machine’ in the Vacuum laboratory at the Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury Laboratory. Daresbury_03_297742883Thumb.jpg
  • Highly Commended - Katharine Barnes won £250 in vouchers with her image of the access service tunnel running underneath the Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire. Highly-commended_email.jpg
  • Daresbury Winner - Paul Worpole won £250 in vouchers of his choice with his image of a vacuum vessel with glass viewing port. Daresbury_01_301740301Thumb.jpg
  • UKATC Winner – Eric Begbie, a runner-up in the 2011 competition, won £250 in vouchers with his image of a light diffraction pattern. UKATC_05_318402207Thumb.jpg
  • Chilbolton Winner - Mervyn Edwards won £250 in vouchers with his image of the 6.1m Antenna within the Satellite Compound at Chilbolton Observatory in action. Chilbolton_04_282665879Thumb.jpg

The overall winning photograph came from UK science facility ISIS, STFC’s world-leading centre for research in the physical and life sciences. On winning John Willoughby said “It's a great privilege to get behind the scenes access to scientific facilities. I was carrying my wide angle lens so used it to emphasise the scale of the ISIS building. I like to look up above eye level and thought the lines and colours of the pipework would make for an interesting shot. I am glad I took it!”

Creative Director of Getty Images Anthony Holland Parkin sat on the national judging panel and said "It was a pleasure to be a national judge for the 2014 STFC Photowalk Competition. There were a number of striking photographs that made it into our shortlist, notably, Katharine Barnes’ shot taken from the tunnels below the dish array in Chilbolton, but it was John Willoughby’s image of the interior of ISIS that immediately stood out. The clever use of lighting, composition and colour were brought together expertly to depict the mind boggling complexity of the installation. A worthy winner.”

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