Renaissance Prize 2015

18 December 2015


The results from Renaissance Photography Prize 2015 have been announced, with Conor Clarke from Germany and Juliana Kasumu from the United Kingdom taking the two main prizes for Best Series and Best Single Image. This Prize was open for submission from 24 March to 18 June, and accepted single images in the categories Journey, Human and Line, and series in an open category. The winners were exhibited in November.                                               

Photographer and judge for the 2015 prize Simon Roberts HonFRPS announced the winners on behalf of the panel. The six worthy winners were given their prizes and celebrated being selected from thousands of entries, to represent some of the best of photography today.

In addition to winning cash prizes, printing from Metro Imaging, mentoring from Getty Images, portfolio reviews, memberships and subscriptions, Renaissance Photography Prize teamed up with HOTSHOE to offer an opportunity to a selected photographer from this year's award to get featured in the magazine. Melissa Dewitt from HOTSHOE announced the selected photographer to be Miho Kajioka.

The Winners


Renaissance Photography Prize Best Series 2015

Conor Clarke (Germany) with the series 'Scenic Potential'

© Conor Clarke

Renaissance Photography Prize Runner-Up Best Series 2015

Miho Kajioka (Japan) with the series 'And, where did the peacocks go?'

© Miho Kajioka


Renaissance Photography Prize Best Single Image 2015

Juliana Kasumu (United Kingdom) with 'Irun Kiko'

Category Winner - Human

Samuel Ivin/ Fabrica (United Kingdom) with ‘Pakistan’

Category Winner - Journey

Lucy Ridgard (United Kingdom) with ‘Sidris. 20 Years Old'

Category Winner - Line

Andrei Nacu (Romania) with ‘In the Forsaken Garden Time is a Thief'

Renaissance Photography Prize is an international award that showcases outstanding photography from emerging and established photographers while raising funds to support young women with breast cancer. The annual prize discovers talent and celebrates the best in photography, giving image makers access to new opportunities and a world-wide audience for their work.

In addition to offering exposure, Renaissance Photography Prize also organises portfolio review days each year. The portfolio review gives not only the winners, but also anyone else, the chance to have their work seen by leading industry experts and gain valuable advice. The portfolio review usually coinsides with the exhibition in late autumn.

Renaissance Photography Prize is a not-for-profit organisation and all profit is donated to The Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care, UK (registered charity number 1017658). In addition to providing opportunities and exposure for the selected photographers each year, the prize donates thousands of pounds to charity. Now in its eighth year, the prize has raised over a quarter of a million for the cause.

See all the winners here:

Image: © Juliana Kasumu (United Kingdom) with 'Irun Kiko'