LRPS Distinction Successes

13 May 2015

Society news

Congratulations to all those that were awarded their Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society in April:

Forename Surname Location
Adrian Court Buckinghamshire
Andy Lock Worcestershire                
Ania Dudzinska-Taylor Middlesex                     
Chris Stock Hampshire
David James Andalucia
David Harris London 
Gary Margetts Surrey
Gillian Haynes Worcestershire                
Graham Wakefield Gloucestershire               
Guo Jing Beijing
James Hardy Lancashire
Jennifer Ellis Glamorgan                     
Jill Taylor Vaud
Judith Hicks Greater London
Karen Helle Bhamra Middlesex                     
Kerto Koppel-Catlin Berkshire
Lisa Lucas Berkshire
Martin Grayling Suffolk
Patricia Gibson Surrey
Patrick Ryan Ireland
Paul Baxter Surrey
Raymond Urwin Kent                          
Richard O'Hare Somerset 
Robert Bryant Gloucestershire               
Shirley Maria Johnson Wiltshire                     
Simon Ellis Berkshire                     
Stephanie Selwyn Dorset                        
Steve Lenaerts Surrey
Sylvia Moorhouse Surrey
Timothy Digby Lawson Surrey                        
William David Grey Glamorgan                     
Zhou Yu Qi Beijing

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