Pride Photo Award 2015

21 May 2015


Pride Photo Award is calling for entries. The award is dedicated to highlighting sexual and gender diversity and is seeking top quality photography on the following topics: non-stereotypical images of gender, masculinity and femininity, and, the diversity of the LGBT community.

Images can be entered in one of four categories which, for the 2015 edition of Pride Photo Award, are:

Stories of Love and Pride: 2015 Theme categoryThe 2015 theme calls for emotionally compelling stories. Either love stories about couples of which at least one of the partners identifies as LGBT, or stories about LGBT people who are proud to be themselves, whatever the rest of the world may say or do.

The winning stories teach us the true meaning of Love and Pride. They go beyond a smiling couple holding hands, or people marching in a Pride parade. They show us intimacy, the deep and tender bond between lovers. They show us the courage to defy the pressure of society or family to adapt to norms and conventions; the strength and freedom that comes when you allow discover and embrace your true self and allow others the room to be themselves.

GenderThis is a broad thematic category for photo series that show people with a gender identity that is different from the male/female gender stereotypes. We are looking for series showing that gender is not binary (man/woman) but a continuum with countless variations. Everyone has male and female sides to their personality. This category covers the spectrum of sexual identities and people who have both male and female physical characteristics.

Single ImagesThis is a new category. We are looking for single images, strong photos that convey the message of sexual or gender diversity in a single image. Single images entered in any of the three other categories will automatically be transferred to this category.

Open Category: Photo series about sexual and gender diversity that do not fit in any of the above categories may be entered in this category.

Entries close on 14 June. See more and enter here

Image: © Maika Elan, one of the winners from the Pride Photo Award 2013.