One Million Churches

10 October 2015


Tom Oliver, a photographer working in Norwich and founder of Create Vision, has launched an ambitious project to post photographs of one million churches online.  Kevin Gotts, LRPS reports.

Tom explains, “This new project is focussed on capturing images of as many churches worldwide as possible and sharing them on social media with the hastag #onemillionchurches.  There are approximately 50,000 churches in the UK, so the figure of 1,000,000 images will need some form of global help (and heavenly help) to reach our target.

When the project launched, it was just him and now there are regular image submissions from people in Albania, Florida, UK, South America and beyond; “It’s quite exciting to see how people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures perceive the Church, and this is the whole point of the project.”

There are currently 37 million churches in the world. Some are grand buildings and some are understated shacks. However as a whole, they represent the same thing!

There are more than 11,000,000 images currently on Instagram with the hashtag church. This figure shows that people already look at church buildings with some form of architectural intrigue. I aim to utilise this and encourage people globally to photograph churches.  The term church will mean different things to different people and the images captured of a church will have different meanings to everyone,” he continues.

Images have been uploaded to the project from all around the world, and being added nearly every day.

Tom concludes, “#onemillionchurches will spark the creative attention of people who are Christians and non-Christians, photographers and non-photographers all coming together to join in capturing ‘the church’.  Many people will photograph buildings, some will capture their church families and others may capture something different, however all of these images will be capturing something of God’s love for us.

How to get involved and submit an image:

1. Set up an Instagram account or open an Instagram app on your mobile device.

2. Post your photo with the hashtag: #onemillionchurches – please also share the name and location of the church which helps establish where in the world you are getting involved with the project.  It doesn’t matter if the church has already been photographed, because the way they photographed it will be different to the way you have.

3. If you are unable to set up an account, send the image to and they will post it for you.

You can find all the current pictures at: