Streets of London exhibition

20 October 2015


The Consulate General of Italy will be home to Streets of London by Romeo - a unique photography exhibition of unusual if not quirky views of the English capital.

The cinematic feel to Romeo’s work is all encompassing, choosing to focus on individuals living within a concrete jungle. A clear eye for the scope of the city of London comes through, with Romeo’s experience as an architect influencing heavily upon the work, which helps to frame and situate the subjects. This is street photography at a playful level, charged with humour and the odd cynical gesture. Offering something more than just an engaging communication with another city between photographer and place. Yet with all the humour there is a present some tension between the Streets of London’s inhabitants. Cracks begin to emerge as we examine the photographs more closely, people are stuck in contemplation, boredom, concern and yet, all are fittingly gift-wrapped by a remarkable way of shooting.

Romeo is an Italian architect who lives and works in London. He was born in Bernalda, a picturesque village in the south of Italy in the province of Matera. He studied for several years in Florence where he discovered the work of Luigi Ghirri (who shot for many Italian architects) and realized the expressive power that is hidden in a click. Since moving to London, Romeo began to recognize signals, cracks and eccentricities that caught his attention and which went beyond the appearance of any place. This was the starting point of the project that has developed into ‘Streets of London’.

Streets of London
5-30 October 2015
Monday to Friday 4pm-6.30pm by appointment only

Consulate General of Italy
83-86 Farringdon Street
London EC4A 4BL

To book your visit please call 44(0) 75003 95849.