RPS member's Taylor-Wessing portrait success

21 September 2015

Society news, Exhibitions

RPS member Julie Brooke from London has been successful in having a photographic portrait of her daughter, Sarah, selected for the Taylor-Wessing Photographic Portrait Awards. The winners will be announced on 11 November and all the selected entries will go on view at the National Portrait Gallery, London from 12 November. Over 2200 entries were submitted. 

Julie told The RPS: "This photograph was taken in June 2015 of Sarah my 17 year old daughter, in the kitchen at home. We were dying her hair purple. I asked her if I could take the photograph as the light was super that morning coming into the kitchen and I could see she looked both lovely and vulnerable at the same time. Sarah started dying her hair the day she finished year 11 at school, and didn’t need to wear her uniform again or follow a strict dress code. Since then she has been blue, green, red and today she will be purple."  

Julie has taken thousands of photographs of her daughter over the years, but as Sarah has become older she has found it harder as Sarah has grown older and become more self-conscious, and has not wanted to be photographed. On that June day Sarah allowed Julia to photograph her.

As her mother Julie is, rightly, proud of her daughter. She describes Sarah as "confident, successful and sassy." She told The Society "I hope you will be able to consider this portrait of Sarah as having something special. I can see it as her mother, but I hope you will be able to see it too". 

Julie has not simply taken a photograph of her daughter. Like all good portraits it conveys something of Sarah's vulnerability but also her strength and character. 

You can read more about the Taylor-Wessing Photographic Portrait Award and the exhibition here

Image: © Julie Brooke. Sarah going Purple