Notice of digitization of the back issues of the Imaging Science Journal

27 April 2016

Society news

Taylor and Francis is scanning and will make available in electronic form all the back issues of the Imaging Science Journal, originally the Journal of Photographic Science, from Volume 1 1952 to Volume 51 2003, the last issue previously unavailable in digital form. As a means of easy access to previously published papers, of which few members and subscribers will have copies, we expect this to be a considerable enhancement of the benefits of the membership and the institutional subscription. This has been done with the agreement of The Society and Imaging Science Group members will have free access as they do with post-2003 issues.   

Many of you will be familiar with the current procedure in which authors assign copyright (for both print and electronic publication) to the Royal Photographic Society. This does not limit an author’s ability to reuse materials, but ensures that Taylor and Francis, on our behalf can protect the copyright internationally. The papers we published previously, in our back issues, were not administered in this way, nor was permission sought to obtain electronic rights as such a form of published had not been conceived. It would exceed the resources available to the Society to identify all the authors of the past 52 years who have previously contributed to the Journal of Photographic Society and the Imaging Journal and obtain their (or their Estate executor where an author is deceased) permission to republish their work electronically. In any case, we are very doubtful that the addresses that we had at the time of publication are still current.

We are posting notices asking authors (or executors) who object to the digitization of work in the ISJ / JPhotS and its dissemination to institutional subscribers to the ISJ to inform the Editor or Taylor and Francis.

The scanning project is in progress, but if authors have any concerns about the process, they are welcome to contact the Editor or Taylor and Francis at any time. If permission is withdrawn, we will reluctantly omit single contributions from the scanned back archive. This would inevitably distort the historical record to a certain extent and would therefore be a great shame for the ISJ and for the Society, but we would of course respect the decision in all cases.

Dr Michael Pritchard
Director-General, The Royal Photographic Society

Rose Worrell
Managing Editor, Taylor & Francis