RPS reveals homelessness

04 April 2016

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London, 4 April 2016: The Royal Photographic Society is hosting three photography exhibitions dealing with different aspects of homeless during April. The RPS has secured The Magic Gallery in Charing Cross underground station and is working with different photographers to present their work in an area of London that supports a large homeless population.  

The Society has the Gallery for six months and will be offering the space to photography students and Society Honorary Fellows in a series of unique collaborations from May.

The three exhibitions are:

  • 4-10 April. Café Art a community interest company which works with London’s homeless who use photography to produce an annual fundraising calendar. The exhibition will show images taken between 2013-15. www.cafeart.org.uk
  • 11-19 April. David Tovey. Pulling the positive from the negative. Tovey experienced a period of homelessness and used photography to portray his experiences and emotions. www.davidtoveyart.co.uk
  • 20-29 April. Nigel Tooby FRPS. Eye Spy. Tooby’s work tackles rough sleeping head-on integrating photography with street objects. www.nigeltooby.co.uk

The Magic gallery is open from 11am-6pm Monday to Saturday, in Charing Cross Underground Arcade, London.  Access is directly from the underground station or from The Strand. See map here.

Image: © David Tovey / www.davidtoveyart.co.uk


More information about the April exhibition is below: 

April 4th - 10th Cafe Art.    My London: Cafe Art 2013 - 2015 Retrospective

CAFÉ ART began in London in early 2012 with one local cafe and one art group run by a homelessness sector organisation.  In less than 3 months, Cafe Art had hundreds of beautiful art  by artists using services from almost all of London’s homelessness organisations exhibited in over 15 cafes across the city, with their first pop-up exhibition held at Christie’s over that summer. In 2013 one hundred single-use cameras were given to people affected by homelessness with the support of The Royal Photographic Society. The contestants had five days to take photos of My London and the subsequent exhibition was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in July a calendar was chosen from more than 3,000 photos printed. This amazing exhibition will show some of the images taken during 2013 - 2015.” Photocall:  Wednesday 6th 12 noonwww.cafeart.org.uk  

11th -19th April. David Tovey. Pulling the positive from the negative.

"In life some people have it easy and succeed with little effort, some go through suffering and pain to succeed. Some just give up. I went to hell and back I was so broken even the devil refused to help. But someone did, a man called Gavin " This quote is from the landing page of his website, his images are as raw as the statement.  Pulling the positive from the negative:  Back in 2013, I found myself living in a car on the streets of London during which time I was extremely ill and close to death. My only solace was my camera which helped me through the toughest time of my life. These images portray some of my experiences and emotions during this time. Photocall:  Tuesday 12th 2-4pm   www.davidtoveyart.co.uk

20th - 29th April. Nigel Tooby FRPS.  EYE SPY.

Tackling the issue of rough sleeping head-on, Contemporary Fine Art Photographer, Nigel Tooby, exemplifies his creativity by putting each piece into stark context.  Carefully choosing the framing and mountings, Nigel has purposefully used materials that would typically be found on the streets to create his vision including paving slabs, wooden crates and cardboard boxes.

Researched and produced in collaboration with the homeless charity, Simon on the Streets, for which Nigel is artist in residence, the final collection, and its tragic theme, switches the audience from viewer to subject; giving visitors a first-hand experience of the many difficult situations the homeless can find themselves in each day. Not only does the series evoke real and raw emotion but it also encourages discussion around a topic that is all too easily ignored. Photocall:  Wed 20th 11 am-1pm   www.nigeltooby.co.uk