Photography for meteorologists

27 August 2016

Industry news

The Royal Meteorological Society's Amateur Meteorologists' Conference which takes place on 10-11 September has a session devoted to weather photography. It will also feature the announcement of the winners of the RMetS/RPS Weather Photographer of the Year 2016 - and an opportunity to see all the finalists' photographs. 

The Conference is being held at the University of Reading and the photography session, which takes place on the Saturday, includes celebrated photographer Guy Aubertin talking about How the weather guides my photography, Chris Rutter on creating time-lapse sequences of weather and Matt Clark from the Met Office, TORRO and the RMetS Photo Editor discussing photographing the weather. 

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Image: © Kevin Pearson / Misty River Dawn, one of the finalists from the 2016 Weather Photographer of the year competition.