Distinctions Review

14 January 2016

Society news

Review of The Royal Photographic Society Distinctions

As part of its responsibility as trustees to ensure that The Society is properly managed, the new Council has agreed that it will undertake a review of the current distinction processes.  It wishes to make sure that The Society is able to cope with the increasing number of applicants applying for distinctions in a fair and efficient manner, whilst still maintaining our standards. 

For this review Council has appointed a committee, the Distinctions Review Team, consisting of Robert Albright (Chair), together with David Cooke and Tony Kaye. Part of the review will look at our current paperwork and study our procedures.

Another key element will be the collection of information from all interested parties, including members past and present. It is be hoped, in particular, that those who have had fairly recent involvement in the distinctions process at any level (as candidates/ prospective candidates/panel members/DAB members and RPS staff) will wish to contribute to this part of the process.

The committee is particularly interested in hearing about:

  • Positive aspects of the current process
  • Suggestions of how the current process might be improved

but comments are welcomed on all aspects of Distinctions experience

Comments should be sent, not later than 28 February 2016.

by e-mail to:  comments@rps.org with the Subject as 'Distinctions Review Comments'

or by letter to

Distinctions Review Comments, The Royal Photographic Society, Fenton House, 122 Wells Road, Bath BA2 3AH

All comments received will be treated as confidential to the Review Team and Council.

The committee will then consider the comments collected, as well as any other evidence it has collected, draw up draft recommendations and discuss these with the DAB and distinctions staff for their observations to see if any action is necessary; these will be forwarded to Council for approval.

In the meantime, both Council and the DAB wishes that the current Distinctions processes to continue as normal at all levels.  Council and the DAB emphasise that they wholeheartedly support and are grateful to all those volunteers and staff who devote their time, knowledge and expertise to this important area. 

Walter Benzie, Hon FRPS                                                     Roger Reynolds, Hon FRPS

President                                                                             Chair, Distinctions Advisory Board