Weather Photographer of the Year

14 January 2016


The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) have today launched their joint photo competition to award the Weather Photographer of the Year.

There are two broad categories for this competition – 16 and under, and over 16s.  The RMetS and RPS are looking for the best photographs from around the world that depict weather in its widest sense. This could range from weather phenomena such as clouds, lightning, rain, fog or snow through to the impact of weather on humans, cities and the natural landscape. They are looking for stunning images that might be dramatic in what they depict or because of the story they tell of the impact of weather. 

The selectors will include a mix of meteorologists, photographers and photo editors who will look for work that combines photographic skill with meteorological observation.  Peter Gibbs, BBC weather presenter and RMetS Fellow, is confirmed as one of the judges for the competition. Peter started his weather career in Antarctica, but is now a familiar face as one of the Met Office team at the BBC Weather Centre.

He said “Weather presenting is all about storytelling, so I’ll be looking for a picture that tells a tale, taking the viewer to that moment”.

Weather Photographer of the Year and the winners from each category will be announced at the RMetS Amateur Meteorologists’ Conference at the University of Reading on 10-11 September 2016 (

Applications can be submitted via the competition website The deadline for the competition is 26th May 2016.