Andre Stenin 2016 winners exhibited

09 September 2016


The jury has chosen the winners of Russia’s only international photo contest for young photojournalists. The competition is named after photo journalist Andrei Stenin. The Grand Prix 2016 award went to the young Italian photographer, Danilo Garcia Di Meo, for a series of photographs, Letizia, – Story of Unseen Lives, about a young paralysed woman.  Several other promising young photographers from all over the world were also awarded. The photographs on display are exemplary of modern photojournalism, and the exhibit itself is a must for young professionals.

Amateurs will also find it worth seeing some unique photographs like the hair-raising series chronicling the fighting in Donbass, Ukraine, by Vadim Braidov of Ufa, Russia; the series on crumpled and torn passports left by migrants at the Hungarian-Serbian border in August 2015 by Slovak photographer Robert Tapert; the faces of Suvorov cadets by Pavel Volkov of Russia; the images of a reindeer herders’ sunlit and airy camp in permafrost by Dmitry Tkachuk of Russia, and many others. 

Their work will be on display at the Museum of Moscow from August 31 to September 11. Admission is free.

Ruth Eichhorn, member of the jury, Director of Photography for German GEO magazine, commented on the jury’s choice: "The jury was touched by the emotional value, the tenderness and by the powerful impact of every image in this series that documents the life of a young woman who suffers from cerebral palsy throughout her entire short life. With an artistic and humanitarian approach and a big heart the photographer catches the beauty and the strength of this young women. We, the viewers, learn about her strong will to have a life that is as close to normal as possible. It is not a devastating portrait of a young woman enduring the horrors of disability, but captures moments of joy and happiness. 

The jury thought that this is an intensely intimate story with a strong visual narrative and the photographer showed an unflinching eye for the telling details. As personal as it is, this narrative is emblematic for many people who suffer from this or similar handicaps."  

Rossiya Segodnya Director General Dmitry Kiselev said at the awards and exhibition opening: “It is an honor and a pleasure to discover the new names in the world of young photojournalists, who are already determining the direction of photojournalism development.

The exhibition presents over 200 works by the world’s best young photographers – talented, daring, sensitive and open to anything new. They have presented their own kaleidoscope of life.

For full information about winners and their work, go to «Победители – 2016»  at

Image: © Danilo Garcia Di Meo