Nature's best photography Africa

04 April 2017


Nature’s Best Photography (NBP) Africa is calling all photographers to enter the premier African nature photographic competition in the world. Organised by NBP Africa, in association with Iziko Museums of South Africa, NBP USA, and Nikon South Africa, the competition closes at 06:00am CAT on 16 May 2017.

Global photographers are once again invited to enter the competition by submitting photographs taken on their travels in Africa. The competition will culminate with a gala awards ceremony at the prestigious Iziko South African Museum on 7 November 2017. The public will have the opportunity to view the winning entries at the Nature’s Best Photography Africa Exhibition, hosted at the Iziko South African Museum from 7 November until March 2018.

The competition consists of 15 categories: African Wildlife Portfolio, African Image of the Year – This is not a category on its own as the Image of the Year is selected from all the other categories, African Landscapes, Wild Cats of Africa Behavioural, Wild Cats of Africa Portraits, Birds of Africa Behavioural, Birds of Africa Portraits, Mammals of Africa Behavioural, Mammals of Africa Portraits, Reptiles of Africa, Africa at Sea, Africa Up Close, Art in African Wildlife, Black & White, Wildlife Video, Youth Awards 18 years and under.

The entries will be judged by a panel of experts, and the submission process will be facilitated via an advanced online platform designed by NBP Africa.

Adult category winners will be awarded prizes in the form of specialist photographic safaris with a combined value in excess of R1 million. These spectacular awards, sponsored by CNP Safaris, the Chobe Safari Lodge and the &Beyond Group, will take the winners to the Masai Mara in Kenya, the Chobe in Botswana or to the Serengeti in Tanzania for an unforgettable experience in Africa’s finest wildlife environs.

Nikon South Africa has been appointed as the official and exclusive camera partner to NBP Africa, and has agreed to participate in actively promoting the competition and exhibition. Paarl Media will sponsor and coordinate the printing of a superior quality catalogue to document and accompany the exhibition. Painted Wolf Wines will provide the wine for the gala awards.

NPB Africa is registered as a South African non-profit entity, thereby establishing a valuable platform for the promotion of photography, conservation and the continent of Africa to a massive global audience. Nature’s Best Photography Global has been hosted at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History for over 20 years.

Travel Africa has agreed to promote NBP Africa via their popular UK-based magazine and online platforms, and Natures Best Photography will do the same via their USA-based magazine and other platforms, thereby guaranteeing NBPA extensive global exposure.

The Da Vinci Institute, Nikon, Iziko and NBP Africa will work together to launch and extend from year to year, the educational component in order to promote photographic excellence, attract new audiences to photography, and an appreciation for and conservation of our natural resources.

NGO partners include the African Wildlife Foundation and A Spring of Hope for community benefit and empowerment.

To enter the competition, get involved or find out more about Natures Best Photography Africa, visit or email