EGM result

19 January 2017

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 19 January 2017 to consider the resolution that: 

the Society rules be changed such that the roles of the President and the Chair of the Trustees may be, but do not necessarily have to be one and the same; and that: a person nominated for election as President at the time of such nomination must be one of the Honorary Fellows of the Society [and] must not be one of the Past Presidents

The result of the vote was:

For the resolution 
Against the resolution 
Abstentions   Spoilt  
 502  1500

The Society would like to thank the large number of members who participated. 

Walter Benzie HonFRPS, President, in his summing up at the end of the meeting spoke about using the expertise of the Honorary and direct Fellows for the benefit of members. The EGM would be an agenda item at next week’s Council meeting. 

Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS
Chief Executive