Film installation: Alone with Empire

21 August 2018


Open: 1st-17th October 2018

From over 800 films, and 400 hours of footage, Alone with Empire creates a unique visual experience that questions the legacy of the British Empire.

A digital interface is used to generate randomized film pieces from the British Empire and Commonwealth Collection, presenting each visitor with their own unique sequence of colonial film footage.

The resulting visual experiences will be catalogued by visitors using emotional keywords, and all the films generated will become part of a new counter-archive, which will be hosted on a dedicated project website.

The British Empire and Commonwealth collection held at Bristol Archives, contains over 500,000 photographs, and 2000 films. The material was originally accrued by the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum over a 25-year collecting period, following the museums closure all of its holdings were transferred to Bristol Archives.

This event is organized by IC Visual Lab in conjunction with Bristol Archives, and is supported by the Arts Council of England, and Heritage Lottery Fund. IC Visual Lab is an independent photography organisation, focusing on the production, education and promotion of contemporary photography

Vestibules Art Space (Deanery Road side)
Bristol City Hall,
College Green,
Bristol, BS1 5TR

Opening times: 11am to 6pm (Excluding Weekends)

To book a slot visit:

Picture copyright: Bristol Archives. From the Williams collection, British Empire and Commonwealth Collection.