Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2019

16 July 2018


Closes: 10th February 2019

Celebrating food photography and film from around the world. Open to professional and non-professional, there are also categories for younger photographers and students.

The prize pool is worth more than £20,000, with a £5,000 prize for the overall winner. 


Food Stylist Award (New)

To celebrate the skill of the world’s top food stylists.

Street Food

Images of people buying, selling and eating food in the street around the world.

Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer (New)

Food and feasting is central to the celebration of marriage.

Fujifilm Award for Innovation

Exciting and original shots that really stand out.

Food Bloggers

Images that perfectly complement the blog and bring the written word to life.~

World Food Programme Food for Life

Images of the humanitarian aspect of food, anywhere in the world.

On the Phone

Pictures of food taken on your mobile phone. In support of Action Against Hunger.

Food for Celebration sponsored by Champagne Taittinger

Images of festive, celebratory food from across the world.

InterContinental Food at the Table

Images of food, photographed in hotels, restaurants, gastropubs and bars.

One Vision Imaging Cream of the Crop

The very best product shots, from muddy bunches of carrots to a bowl of rice.

Pink Lady® Apple a Day

The most exciting images of Pink Lady® apples.

Food for Sale

Images of food for sale, be it waffles on the street in Brussels or spices in Senegal.

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year

Images of all things vinous.

Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture

Images of food that are good enough to eat.

Production Paradise Previously Published

Examples of your very best previously-published photographic work.

Politics of Food

Photo-journalistic images that show the reality of issues relating to food anywhere in the world.

Food for the Family

Images showing families eating in an everyday context, anywhere in the world.

Bring Home the Harvest

Images of gathering in food.

Food in the Field

Images of food in its natural setting, whether it is a field of maize or a pig truffling.

The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action

Images of people cooking, preparing, serving or handling food.

Student Food Photographer of the Year

For the next big name in the world of food photography.

Young (Under 18s)

Any image at all featuring food.

Winterbotham Darby Food Film Shorts supported by Foodism

Food film short.

To enter click here. There are fees to enter the adult categories.

Picture copyright: Praying with Food by Noor Ahmed Gelal