Karen Knorr exhibition at Lacock

23 May 2018


Open: 26th May – 9th September 2018

Another Way of Telling: a photography exhibition by Karen Knorr is the second exhibition in 2018 to celebrate the work of women photographers at Lacock’s Fox Talbot Museum. 

Knorr’s exhibition features works from two of her series of photographs focusing on Japanese and Indian interiors in temples, shrines and palaces, occupied by animals, which bring folk tales and fables to life.

Since 2012 Knorr has been visiting India and Japan to research and reflect on traditions connected to Mughal period palaces in India and Shinto and Buddhist heritage sites in Japan. Her research into structures, colours, textures, nature and local fables have led to these images infused with the intense feelings of past history and sanctified spaces, inhabited, not by people, but by animals reflecting the traditions of storytelling. 

Lions, tigers, peacocks and cranes inhabit and somehow re-animate the rooms they occupy. These creatures, symbolic of legends and myths, lounge in Mughal palaces and stand majestically against distinct Japanese interiors and architecture.  

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