Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Book Awards 2018 Winners Announced

18 May 2018


The winners of the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Best Photography Book and Best Moving Image Book 2018 were announced last night during an awards ceremony at The Royal Society of Arts. A prize fund of £10,000 was split between the two categories. 

The ceremony also hosted the Mack First Book Award, in association with Photo London and celebrated the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Fellowship in Photography. The long and shortlisted titles are currently being exhibited at Photo London until 20 May 2018, Somerset House, London.

The Kraszna-Krausz Foundation awards celebrate those that have made an original and lasting contribution to their field and ranges from small publishers to those who are more well-established.

2018 Award Recipients:

Chrystel Lebas has been awarded the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Photography Book Award for Field Studies: Walking through Landscapes and Archives (FW: Books) a retracing of the steps of British botanist Sir Edward James Salisbury, creating new images in the same landscapes of his archival collections.

Susan Courtney has been awarded the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation Moving Image Book Award for Split Screen Nation: Moving Images of the American West and South (Oxford University Press) which follows the oppositional dynamic between the screen West and the screen South.

Josef Koudelka is the recipient of the Kraszna-Krausz Fellowship in Photography for his body of work which spans seven decades. This recognition comes at the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Prague Spring, during which Koudelka rose to prominence as a young photographer when his photographs documenting the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia were smuggled out of the country and published across the world. He has since produced a number of acclaimed bodies of work including: Gypsies , Exiles and Wall: Israeli and Palestinian Landscapes.

Hayahisa Tomiyasu has been awarded the Mack First Book Award for his book TTP. TTP is a series of photographs made from the window of Tomiyasu's eighth-floor student apartment in the German city of Leipzig. His southfacing view encompasses a public park with a ping pong table, which is the focus of his deadpan pictures. Each image is similarly composed, while the times of day, the seasons and the visitors to the table change. As we turn the page the function of the table mutates, from a tischtennisplatte (table tennis table) to a sun bed, a skate obstacle, a laundry counter, a kids' climbing frame, a work-out meeting spot, and a refuge from busy streets, among numerous other uses. Thanks to Tomiyasu's sustained curiosity, we observe the habits, humour and idiosyncrasies of human behaviour at the foot of this humble table.

About Andor Kraszna-Krausz (1904-1989)
Andor Kraszna-Krausz (KK to his friends) was born in Hungary in 1904. After studying photography and cinematography at Munich University he began his publishing career in Germany in 1925 as the editor of Filmtechnik magazine. In 1937 he emigrated to Britain to escape the political tensions of continental Europe and a year later founded Focal Press, an influential specialist publishing house for books on photography. Focal Press publications were an immediate success, gaining a reputation for clear yet authoritative text and illustrations. During KK’s lifetime Focal Press published 1,200 books. It remains a prominent imprint for books about photography, film and television. Following his death, in 1989, Kraszna-Krausz’s estate became the Foundation which now bears his name.

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Picture copyright: Chrystel Lebas