RPS Award recipients support charity for disadvantaged young people

27 February 2019

Industry news

RPS Honorary Fellows Simon Roberts, Tom Stoddart, Nadav Kander, Susan Derges and Hood medallist Dr. Mark Sealy MBE are among those supporting Positive View, a charity who aim to bring a focus to disadvantaged youngsters. By introducing these young people to photography and film they hope to help them to move out of the vicious circle of violence, drugs and gangs.

The majority of those Positive View work with have dropped out of school in their early teens and for them their overriding goal (and difficulty) is finding employment. As a result, the charity refers those who have completed their initial programme to the Work-Ready project which is delivered in partnership with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation. For many this path provides a direct route into the working world.

2018 saw 27% of those who took part move into full/part time employment, 42% started college or returned to education, 18% undertook job training courses and 13% were referred on to Positive View’s partner youth organization.

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The project is currently focused on delivering the programme on challenging London estates in Lambeth, Westminster and Southwark. Further projects are planned for launch in Kensington and Chelsea, Hackney and the City of London.

All courses are led by professional photographers who give their time to the charity without charge.

Paul’s story:

“My name is Paul and I live in Lambeth, London. At the age of five I didn’t know what was going on around me. It was when I started primary school I started to see what London life was about.

My older brother used to get arrested nearly four times a week. My mother kicked him out of the house because she felt he was a big influence on me. I believe kicking him out made it worse because our brotherhood friendship grew even stronger.

Before I knew it I was following in my brother’s footstep. I started stealing in primary school, having fights and even getting suspended and expelled. My Mother and Father both tried their best to get me to understand but I rebelled against everything they said. I decided to finish with education. I didn’t attend secondary school or even college.

I have been arrested for grievous body harm (GBH) and for drugs. My brother who was running around causing trouble is now in prison for a very long time. I don’t want my life to turn out like that.

I was thinking what to do when a friend told me about Positive View and since then my life has taken a turn. We first started with photography but after the course you realize they are willing to help us achieve our goals as long as we are willing to dedicate ourselves to achieving them.“

Website: www.positiveview.org.uk/

Image: Participants on a course led by Susan Derges HonFRPS. Copyright remains with the photographer.