Vote: Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People’s Choice Award

16 January 2019


Voting closes: 5th February 2019.



Have your say in the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition by voting for the winner of the LUMIX People’s Choice Award. The annual award recognises exceptional competition entries as chosen by the public. Choose your favourite from 25 images, pre-selected by the Natural History Museum from over 45,000 submissions from 95 countries.


Shortlisted images are currently on display at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London, until the voting ends on 5th February 2019. The winner will then be shown until the exhibition closes on 30th June.


Copyright: Audun Lie Dahl, Norway. Ice and Water. The Bråsvellbreen glacier moves southwards from one of the ice caps covering the Svalbard Archipelago, Norway. Where it meets the sea, the glacier wall is so high that only the waterfalls are visible, so Audun used a drone to capture this unique perspective. Technical specification: DJI Phantom 4 pro + 24mm lens; 1/120 sec at f 6.3; ISO 100. Panorama of 3 images.


Copyright: Connor Stefanison, Canada. Family Portrait. A great grey owl and her chicks sit in their nest in the broken top of a Douglas fir tree in Kamloops, Canada. They looked towards Connor only twice as he watched them during the nesting season from a tree hide 50 feet (15 metres) up. Technical specification: Canon 1D Mark IV + Canon 500mm f4 IS lens; 1/200 sec at f7.1; ISO 1250; Manfrotto monopod.


Copyright: David Lloyd, New Zealand / United Kingdom. Bond of Brothers. These two adult males, probably brothers, greeted and rubbed faces for 30 seconds before settling down. Most people never have the opportunity to witness such animal sentience, and David was honoured to have experienced and captured such a moment. Technical specification: Nikon D800E + 400mm f/2.8 lens; 1/500th sec at f4.8, ISO 500.


Copyright: Franco Banfi, Switzerland. Teenager. Franco was free diving off Dominica in the Caribbean Sea when he witnessed this young male sperm whale trying to copulate with a female. Unfortunately for him her calf was always in the way and the frisky male had to continually chase off the troublesome calf. Technical specification: Canon 1DX Mark II + 8-15mm f/4 lens; 1/100 sec at f16; ISO 640; Seacam housing.


Copyright: Pedro Carrillo, Spain. Shy. The mesmerizing pattern of a beaded sand anemone beautifully frames a juvenile Clarkii clownfish in Lembeh strait, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Known as a 'nursery' anemone, it is often a temporary home for young clownfish until they find a more suitable host anemone for adulthood. Technical specification: Nikon D4 +Nikkor 70-180mm f4.5-5.6 D ED AF Micro lens at 78mm; 1/250 sec at f16; ISO 100; Seacam housing; two Seacam Seaflash 150TTL.


Copyright: Suzi Eszterhas, United States. The Orphaned Beaver. A one-month-old orphaned North American beaver kit is held by a caretaker at the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center in Arlington, Washington. Luckily it was paired with a female beaver who took on the role of mother and they were later released into the wild. Technical specification: Canon 1DX + 24-70mm f2.8 lens; 1/200 sec at f3.5; ISO 1600.


Copyright: Tin Man Lee, United States.Red, Silver and Black. Tin was fortunate enough to be told about a fox den in Washington State, North America, which was home to a family of red, black and silver foxes. After days of waiting for good weather he was finally rewarded with this touching moment. Technical specification: Canon 1DX Mark II +600mm f4 lens; 1.4x teleconverter; 1/1600 sec at f11; ISO 2000.


Copyright: Justin Hofman, United States. A Polar Bear’s Struggle.Justin’s whole body pained as he watched this starving polar bear at an abandoned hunter's camp, in the Canadian Arctic, slowly heave itself up to standing. With little, and thinning, ice to move around on, the bear is unable to search for food. Technical specification:Sony a7R II + Sony FE 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens; 1/200 sec at f10; ISO 800.


Copyright: Bence Mate, Hungary. One Toy, Three Dogs.While adult African wild dogs are merciless killers, their pups are extremely cute and play all day long. Bence photographed these brothers in Mkuze, South Africa – they all wanted to play with the leg of an impala and were trying to drag it in three different directions! Technical specification: Canon EOS-1DX Mark II; 200-400mm lens (35mm equivalent: 197.2-394.3 mm); 1/1800 sec at f4.0; 4000 ISO.


Copyright: Audren Morel, France. Under the Snow. Unafraid of the snowy blizzard, this squirrel came to visit Audren as he was taking photographs of birds in the small Jura village of Les Fourgs, France. Impressed by the squirrel’s endurance, he made it the subject of the shoot. Technical specification: Nikon D7200 + Nikon 300mm f4 lens; 1/1600 sec at f4 (-0.7e/v); ISO 500.


Copyright: Antonio Leiva Sanchez, Spain. The Bat’s Wake. After several months of field research into a little colony of greater mouse-eared bats in Sucs, Lleida, Spain, Antonio managed to capture this bat mid-flight. He used a technique of high speed photography with flashes combined with continuous light to create the ‘wake’. Technical specification: Canon7D Mark II + Tamron 18-270mm f3.5-6.3 lens; 1/13 sec at f10; ISO 200; Infrared barrier; Metz 58 AF-1 flash; E-TTL flash cable.


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Top image copyright: David Lloyd, New Zealand / United Kingdom. Resting Mountain Gorilla. The baby gorilla clung to its mother whilst keeping a curious eye on David. He had been trekking in South Bwindi, Uganda, when he came across the whole family. Following them, they then stopped in a small clearing to relax and groom each other. Technical specification: Nikon D500 + 300mm f/4 lens; 1/350th sec at f9.5; ISO 5600.

All images courtesy of the credited photographer and Wildlife Photographer of the Year/Natural History Museum.