October 2014 Chapter Meeting Report

26 October 2014

Chapter: Australia

This meeting turned out to be not what we expected, but a great success nonetheless. Six of us turned up to find the gallery closed, as another exhibition was being installed in a space adjacent to the Bad Aboriginal Photography we had come to see.

Monash Gallery, however, houses not only the Library but an excellent cafe. Our group settled around a table and began to exchange news.

Michael Seyfort, recently back from France, gave us an account of his travels — not impressed by French roads and motorists, but with interesting landscapes and townscapes. He visited the Bordeaux district and Southern Provence, not concentrating on bird photography this time, barring the odd flamingo. In the Camargue, he saw more horses than he’d ever seen in one place before, mostly not the famous white ones.

Kester Brown brought two copies of his recently published book, The World From My Pallette, containing reproductions of his art works in oils, watercolour and pastel. He is pleased with the quality of the colour, very close to the original works, and The World is a fair description of the contents, as Kester has travelled widely.

The conversation veered towards photography only once: a discussion on whether, confronted suddenly with a striking subject, we immediately photograph it from right where we stand, or move around looking for the best angle. The answer in all cases was, both.

Ann Lanagan

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Susan Brown FRPS
14 June 2015

Good to hear things are happening in Oz. I am visiting in November this year, my Daughter lives in Sydney and is having a baby. Hope to get some Oz images if I am given time off for good behaviour.
Susan Brown FRPS

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Emily Mathisen
27 October 2014

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is lovely to hear what RPS members are up to around the world.

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