RPS Benelux Summer Challenges 2019

This year, there is going to be a choice between two challenges so you can do one or both as you please. You will understand why when you read them…

Challenge 1

  • Shoot for a panel of 5 prints to make a series. Convert (or shoot) in mono.

  • The subject is free choice. Print at A4 minimum. Up to you whether you mount them or not.

  • Make notes on how you covert them.

  • Bring to the October 6th Chapter Meeting on ‘Working in Mono’ with Leigh Preston.  

Challenge 2

  • Go to the beach or the park with a length of string that is 1 metre long and a stick attached to one end.

  • Put the stick on the ground and using the string to mark yourself out a circle. 

  • Standing inside this circle for one hour take as many shots as you can see or create. You can use any lens and change them throughout your hour as you wish.

  • Produce 5 of your best images and send them to André at  andre@meyer-vitali.com to put on the web site. Bring to Study Group on September 24 as prints.

Online Submission Rules

  • The file name is as follows - if it is for Challenge 1 it would read ‘Your Name C1 Title.jpg’. This will enable André to associate it with the correct challenge on the web page. Do not include any special characters such as *-',"!

  • Your image needs to be sized to max. 900px on the longer side, in JPG, RGB colour space and under 2MB in file size.

Any questions contact janet.haines@me.com.