17 October 2014

Chapter: Germany

Our President Siegfried Rubbert LRPS found an interesting write-up at an exhibition held in Duesseldorf earlier this year:

What is White?

White is also a colour but a colourless one.

White is the beginning of black.

White is the sum of all colours.

White is the opposite to black.

White is the "Casanova" of the colours.

White is cleanliness.

White is stillness.

White is peace.

White is emptiness.

White is freedom.

White is nothing.

White is mentality.

White is total reflection.

White is a new beginning.

White is full of reproach.

White is the glimpse of the infinity and the eternal dream of flying through the universe.

White is - when one knows - what white is.

This last sentence is a play on words that you can only do in the German language. 

Weiss ist- wenn man weiss - was weiss ist.

A young visitor added the sentence:

Ich weiss, dass ich nicht weiss or in other words, I know that I know nothing.

Very apt for our present exhibiton "Weiss"