Norderney, Sea-Bath with Royal Tradition

23 December 2016

Chapter: Germany

German Chapter Location Guide - 001

Photographer: Gerd Krauskopf

Image title: Norderney, Sea-Bath with royal tradition

Image subject: White Dunes of Norderney with historic bathing machines

Country: Germany

Region: Isle of Norderney, North sea, Northern Germany

Location:    Latitude: 53.72138988  Longitude: 7.20822752

Sea level: 4 m

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The Story behind the image:

Gerd took this image during a long hike to one of the remote areas of Norderney. He was planning to enjoy himself by a delicious drink in the Bar of the famous “Strandrestaurant” in a warm atmosphere at an open fire.

When he arrived at the site, he was rewarded with a great view over an almost empty beach, the historic bathing machines and a dramatic sky, adding a special mood to the coulisse.  Of course, as a passionate photographer he had to take first the photo before focusing on the drink. :-)

For all, who want to spend a visit to the location, late autumn is one of the recommended season where Norderney is only accommodating a view tourists and most of the beaches are deserted. Despite the rough weather conditions during this time of the year, the beaches still offering a wonderful coulisse for great Landscape Photography.