Swiss Chapter: Favourite of the Month - November 2014

06 December 2014

Chapter: Switzerland

The Swiss ecircle favourited this month one of John Norris' photographs that he took during a recent trip to Iceland. The title is 'A Nightcap for Lily' - and here what John gives us as context:

I shot this for a client who will use the colour version but I wanted to play around with it in B&W for the ecircle. 

The shot was done on a tripod, with release cable allowing me one hand free to provide the hint of foreground light on the jumper, the flask and the tent by light painting with an LED head torch.  The back light is from someone holding another LED head torch very steady out of sight behind Lily.

It was really cold and very windy so I had the tripod weighed down with my camera bag and we had to refill the drink a few times as the liquid cooled fast and we lost the effect of the rising steam.

It was almost dark when we finished the shot so Lily had to sit as still as she could despite the shivers!

It was wonderful to work with great people in such a wild and beautiful place.