Swiss Chapter: Favourite of the Month - January 2014

01 February 2014

Chapter: Switzerland

As every month the Swiss e-circle selects one photograph as the 'Favourite of the Month'.  In January 2014 it was a delicate photograph by Marie-Ancolie Romanet (ARPS). Here a few words from Marie-Ancolie about its background:


I have always been fascinated by ducks and swans and birds of any kind.
How they fly, how they swim, how they go underwater and take off.

The magic is to see how easily they do, and how water does not stay on them.
My second fascination is the drops and all they contain.
There are millions worlds in drops of water, and each of them make our own world existing.

On the photo "Don't waste our Life", I wanted to show the fragility of water "in balance on earth" as our life is hanging on its own thread.
As light, water is necessary to live. Take water away, it's a desert, ruin, end of the world, death...
One can survive without love, but everybody and everything will die without water.
My challenge on this photo was to keep for a while, the drop hanging on the feather...
It did not last for long, but I could catch a precious moment.