Swiss Chapter: Favourite of the Month - December 2013

31 January 2014

Chapter: Switzerland

Every month the Swiss e-circle selects one photograph as the 'Favourite of the Month'.

Here are a few words from Hans Abplanalp about his successful photograph:

'I took this shot with Kodachrome 64 slide film during a hiking holiday in Scotland. The route led across Rannoch Moor and past Loch Laidon. I recently scanned the image and made two slight adjustments. The original has more rocks in the foreground and I cropped them as they were too dominant and I wanted a more panoramic effect. The image was also very sharp and I softened it slightly in Photoshop. I think the key element is the tree: take it out and the whole shot becomes less interesting. Given the opportunity, I would retake the shot from a slightly higher angle to give the water more space. At the time, I was the only keen photographer in the group and was constantly playing catch up. Rannoch Moor is not a good place to get lost!'

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Emily Mathisen
07 March 2014

I can totally empathise with Hans - I did exactly the same thing at Rannoch and it is a scary place as there are deep hidden swampy bits on either side of the path! Time flies when you are photographer and that is not the place to allow it to happen! I think his interpretation of this wildly beautiful place is stunning.

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05 February 2014

Beautiful shot Hans and congratulations on producing the Favourite of the Month, there is still a certain "something" about film even though it has been digitised.

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