Swiss Chapter: Favourite of the Month - June 2014

10 July 2014

Chapter: Switzerland

A photo by Hans Abplanalp, who recently reached the ARPS level (Congratulations!) was chosen 'Favourite of the Month' by the Swiss chapter e-circle. Its title is 'Morecambe Bay':

I took this at the end of May 2014 in the early evening. It was a dull, uninspiring day and my hopes of getting some good shots were not high. And yet the diffused light cast a special effect across the wet muddy, sand, lending itself to taking simple, low key images. The pink tinge on the horizon is authentic and I did little post processing, except for slightly darkening the sky. I used a 10-22 mm wide angle lens to emphasise the spaciousness of the scene. The post, which I purposely put dead centre, has caused some discussion. I believe that it is a key element: as tiny as it is it draws the viewer into the image and adds depth.

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Hans Abplanalp
14 July 2014

Many thanks for your congratulations and comments Emily and Rob.

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Emily Mathisen
11 July 2014

Congratulations Hans on the ARPS! It is a fantastic image.

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10 July 2014

I believe that this is one of the best shots we have had in our circle over the 20 months we have been going. Just hope Hans has the opportunity to sell some prints and by the way he has just got his ARPS.

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