Swiss Chapter: Favourite of the Month - April 2014

18 May 2014

Chapter: Switzerland

This April one of Dr. Robert Charles Kershaw (ARPS) photographs made it again as the 'Favourite of the Month' of the Swiss e-circle. Here he describes how he made it such a successful image:

Shadow Diver was taken some years ago when I was taking many swimming pool shots however I still have a print on my wall from an exhibition in Japan, though only of the single image( left side).  I decided to scan the slide and make a more “modern” image. Looking at the shot I thought it would work well as a mirror image presentation, actually for the recent RPS 365 Shadows competition. The technique is quite easy beginning with a new file in Photoshop twice the width and same height as the original. All that was necessary was to copy in an original and a reversed image into the new file and match them up. The faded border was added to give a little more mystery. I liked the idea of seeing part of the model but the whole shadow in the water begging the question what happened next and I feel the double image adds a further dimension.