Swiss Chapter: Favourite of the Month - December 2014

02 January 2015

Chapter: Switzerland

This year's last 'Favourite of the Month' of the Swiss ecircle was shot by Roland Imi. It's title is 'Tranquility' and here's what Roland wrote about it: 
This was one of those chance instinctively taken images. It was a rather watery misty day and I was waiting on the jetty for the Lac Leman steamer when the boat appeared into view.  Hastily I got my camera out and managed to get one shot.  No time for the second shot as the boat turned and the dynamics of the picture completely changed. I thought no more about this picture until several days later I dropped it into Lightroom cleared the sensor dust spots (I must take better care of my camera) and switched to black and white and realised that by happenstance I had captured a ‘decisive moment’.