Swiss Chapter: Favourite of the Month - April 2015

27 May 2015

Chapter: Switzerland

This April the Swiss e-cirlce chose an abstract photograph as favourite of the month. It was Roland Imi who took this photo and here is what he revealed to us about its background: 

I do like charcoal drawn abstract landscapes and wondered if it was possible to create a photographic equivalent.  Having experimented, the best way was underexposing, using a slow speed, manual focusing, with movement (in this case as a passenger in a fast moving car) taking pictures of the 'moving' landscape.  While hit and miss with more misses than hits the best results seem to be when passing wooded areas as there is just enough definition to make out the trees.

The real title should be 'Speeding Along the A12, Suffolk, England’ however I think Untitled is far better as it leaves the viewer to make their own mind up regarding the abstraction.