2016 January favourite. Crossing the Bridge at Dawn by Max Robinson ARPS

08 February 2016

Chapter: Switzerland

This is the U Bein bridge in Myanmar. I had heard that it was very beautiful but had not seen any photos of it prior to seeing it for the first time in real life. As always, when in a new location I like to be ready to start taking photos before sunrise. At the bridge this gave me the chance to look at different viewpoints and I soon settled on this perspective, taken close to the ground and with the iconic stupas in the background. I waited until there were just a couple of local people crossing so as not to have the bridge too "cluttered". I was the only photographer around at that moment. As I finished shooting, bus loads of tourists arrived and the bridge and the environment around it quickly became crowded with people who were clearly not locals. Added to this the quality of the light diminished rapidly. Painful though it may be, an early start is often 90% of the route to a pleasing travel shot.