Interview with Malabika Roy, LRPS

12 January 2016

Chapter: Dubai

Malabika Roy is of Indian origin living in Dubai for the past ten years. She is a school teacher by profession, though photography is something that is closer to her heart. She has a keen interest in travel, nature and macro photography. However, her journey has not stopped there.

Malabika aspires to give deeper meaning to the art of photography. She believes photography connects us to the real world in a unique way and alters our life by holding it still.

What does ‘Photography’ mean to you?

Photography to me is more than just a hobby. It is an art that helps me to capture my feelings, thought and my point of view through my lens in the presence of perfect light.

Tell us how you got started in photography?

I wanted to develop a common hobby, as my husband is also passionate about photography.  There has been a steady upgrade over the past two years… from using a ‘point and shoot camera’ to a DSLR camera, and appreciation of the intricacies involved.

I along with my husband, joined the Shutter Bugs Creative Forum, a photography group in Dubai that is mentored by Mohammad Arfan Asif, and my real journey in photography began.

What is the impact of photography in my life?

Photography has changed the way I see things. Now, I notice light, shapes, colors, people, trees, insects, flowers, animals and in fact, everything around me looks different as I now look at it as a photographer. It is a great transformational experience indeed!

What is your favorite subject in photography and why?

There are literally infinite possible subjects in photography. I like photographing people of any age. Their facial expressions as well as body language are fascinating to observe and it is a lot of fun to capture that emotion. Architectural photography gives me different kind of joy. I try to understand the architect’s point of view behind the structure, combine it with mine, and try to tell a story to the viewer. I love photographing landscapes too.

However, my favorite subject is capturing nature and the abundant wildlife around us in all its glory and share it with the world!

When were you awarded the prestigious Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) and what does it mean to you?

After winning many acceptances in International Photography Salons and much encouraged by our Mentor, I set my goal to achieve LRPS. I am proud to say, I was awarded the Licentiateship of LRPS in June 2015. It was great experience and definitely a steep learning curve with a lot of joy and satisfaction.

What is the role of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in your photographic journey?

Joining Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in 2013 was the turning point that made the greatest difference to my photographic journey.

Every Friday morning is an adventure, with like-minded, enthusiastic and friendly photographers that gives me the chance to be inspired and motivated by their awesome photographs.

Every trip is with our mentor who goes that extra mile to teach us painlessly and we all enjoy photography in its true sense!

I learnt new techniques through practical sessions, how to take portraits, landscapes, macro as well as the simple subject like a sunrise (which has become our Friday ritual). The other thing that I like during our SBCF weekly trip is to understand the photographic analyses that we do of our own images taken by us during our previous Friday trip. It is a great way to learn certain skills on photography through constructive criticism.

What are your future plans in photography?

I like to take challenges, explore new directions and learn something new. I want to use photography as a story –telling medium. It may be through a single image, a series, a sequence or may be an entire portfolio. I have yet to know my story and once I figure it out; my photography will take me there. That is my dream and that is where I see my future in photography.

All Photographs © Malabika Roy, LRPS

Interviewed by Mohammed Arfan Asif, ARPS - Chapter Organiser