I Must Be Clappers

02 August 2019

Region: East Anglia

Three days before the trip we had just experienced the hottest day on record.  Since that time we had seen persintant rain and Sharpenhoe Clappers was going to be a wet event.  With lots of exposed tree roots and narrow paths we advised those signed up to make a decision on coming, the weather forecast was not good.

10 am arrived and we four stood there cameras at the ready.  The other sixteen we could only imagine to be sat at home in the dry with a cup of tea and a Sunday paper.  And then the rain stopped, what luck.

Off we trecked into the woods.

This had been a joint trip with EA region and the Nature Group.  It was a not a NG day as we had billed this a Butterfly Heaven, but some still found something to photograph.

And yes it was very wet underfoot but we kept on smiling.

After lunch we spent an hour or so in the meadow and finally the sun popped out, briefly.

We had some catagories to help us with our creativity.

1. Summer Feeling

2. Roots

3. A Single Flower

4. Miniature Garden

5. Looking Up

6. Motion

7. In the Dark

8. Authors Choice

To view the image we captured on the day take a look at the Gallery by clicking here.