EM AGM 2016 Minutes

EM Region 2016 minutes

East Midlands Region Annual General Meeting - Minutes

Whatton Village Hall, Whatton

Sunday 20th March 10.30am



Non Received

1) Chair’s Welcome

The meeting was chaired by East Midlands Regional Organiser (RO) Ralph Bennett ARPS CPAGB

2) Conflict of Interest - non declared

3) Minutes of AGM 2015 The Minutes are available on the RPS EM website and accepted as read

4) Matters arising from 2015 minutes Non

5) Chair’s report

This will my last address as Regional Organiser for the East Midlands.  I have enjoyed my tenure trying to provide a varied programme during that time. I believe I took over around 2010.

It has also been frustrating trying to get people to attend events, however since our move here to Whatton the numbers have picked up considerably, excepting today when I think it must be clashing with the Photography show.  I have run three drop in coffee mornings at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery café which although not big in attendance everybody who has attended has agreed it’s been worthwhile and wants them to carry on. Indeed, we have persons who have since attend these meetings.

I have to thank some people who have been with me on the committee during that time Peter Yeo, and in particular Geoff Blackwell with Hazel his wife always willing to help in the background.  Without Geoff as my treasurer I could not have carried on in this post. Geoff stepped in quickly when my previous treasurer decided he could not carry on in the post. I feel Geoff must be the hardest working person in the RPS including the paid staff. Remember Geoff is a volunteer. Not only is he my treasurer but National Treasurer and has a lot to do with the running of the History group and has contacts with the Universities for the Royal.  I am aware that in the last few days he has attended a council meeting in Bath and no doubt will be attending the Photography show for the complete four days, leaving here after this meeting to return to the NEC for the rest of the day.   Geoff even ensured that the money side of meetings was taken care of when his wife was rushed into hospital.

Now we have found this venue Whatton again thanks to Geoff Blackwell it will give us freedom to run workshops and other events. Indeed one is already in the planning for October 8 which will be a practical macro workshop using his flash techniques with Alex Hyde who spoke to us in November. This will be for a maximum of eight persons and will thus be priced as such, £85 for members and £116 for non-members.  This may seem high but if you look around at workshops run by other organisation they can cost considerably more. Three places are already allocated.

Now it is time for a new Regional Organiser and I am pleased to say Stewart Wall has agreed to step into this role, subject to you agreeing and HQ sanction it. Stewart has not been a member of the RPS for very long but has made his mark in the region during that short time. Taking over the Newsletter with the help of his wife Shona. Organised three, one day events, which has resulted in three books, with no doubt more to come.  I am sure Stewart will bring a fresh approach to the role with a range of speakers and events.

I must not forget Mark Flatman who whilst being a very  busy person with work, has been on the committee for the last year. 

Peter Yeo who has also been with me since I started.

Thanks to everybody else who helps at events in whatever role I appreciate it.

6) Treasurer’s report




        Members’ and Guests Attendance                                 2026.75

        Headquarters Funding                                                    711.20

        VAT refunded                                                                   99.34





        Speakers’ Expenses                                 1596.10

        Venue Costs                                               939.77

        Equipment and Repairs                                71.16

        Printing and Advertising                               66.00

        Irrecoverable VAT                                      180.53    2853.56

        Excess of Payments over Receipts                           £-16.27


        Bank Balance at 31st December 2014                       3752.27

        Bank Balance at 31st December 2014                       3736.00

                                                                                             £  -16.27

        VAT Debtor                                                                    126.34


Treasurers Report

It is pleasing to see an increase in income reflecting increased attendances at Regional events. Although expenses have increased they have remained under control resulting in an overall result very close to break-even. With reduced venue costs in the coming year I believe we can look forward to a very successful 2016.

Geoff Blackwell FCCA ARPS 21st January 2016

Ralph Bennett stepped down as Regional Organiser

7) Election of Committee Members

 Stewart Wall Regional Organiser

Geoff Blackwell Treasurer

Committee Member Ralph Bennett, PeterYeo, Mark Flatman, Peter Morley

All were nominated by Peter Morley and seconded by Robert Herringshaw, all present in favour of.

The meeting closed at 11am