The Magical World of Photobooks

23 October 2014

Region: East Midlands

For the last year a group from The North East Contemporary Group have been collating a series of images about The NHS.

The impetus for the project was The NHS celebrating its 65th birthday and the hope that its not going to be retired off...........

The book is heading towards completion and will soon be flying off to the printers. Its got some amazing images in it covering varied aspects of The NHS but its not designed to describe the NHS, its more how the individual photographers felt about the organisation.

This photograph is of one of the included photographers Robert Visick, a retired GP and one of his intriguing images showing the NHS in the 50s when he was a junior houseman.

There is to be a  small exhibition of images and the first copy of the book on show at the Contemporary Group talk on photobooks at the East Midlands Region next month.

If you are interested in attending please click on this link to book (or for more details)