Focus on: RPS Distinctions

31 July 2015

Region: Headquarters

Learn more about Royal Photographic Society Distinctions:


The RPS offers three levels of Distinctions which set recognised standards of achievement throughout the world. Applying for an RPS Distinction can help improve and progress your photography, while the feeling of achieving one has been compared to summiting Everest!

We have broken down the system of applying into a simple step by step process where you can also download the necessary guidelines and application forms.

To find out what has worked for other people you can view a range of successful Distinctions panels at all levels and across all categories.

Members can benefit from free online advice when you feel that your panel is nearly finished.

When you are ready to apply, all the assessment dates for the rest of the year are listed here.

If you have gained a photographic qualification within the last ten years you may be eligible for an Exemption - which means you could be awarded an LRPS or ARPS Distinction without having to submit a portfolio. 

We also offer other Qualifications - the Imaging Scientist Qualification (ISQ) & the Creative Industries Qualification (CIQ).

For those who have written about photography you may decide to try for a Distinction via REAP (Research, Education and Applications of Photography) You submit written, not photographic, work for a REAP Distinction, but you can use images to illustrate it and the submission could be a website, an essay or an academic paper.