Does your photography pay? Join an EC survey by May 30th.

19 May 2015

Region: Headquarters

All creatives are invited to take part in a survey of writers, journalists, authors of publications in scientific/academic journals, translators, photographers, illustrators and designers. It's organised by Europe Economics and the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam and aims to influence the legislative framework and policies at a European level that govern payment for, in our case, use of our photographs. This survey is your chance to contribute, anonymously, to the research.

It should take you around 15 minutes to go through the questionnaire, either online or via a PDF. The form adjusts itself as you go along, based on your answers. You don't have to be a full-time or professional photographer: they ask questions about contractual arrangements, whether you are able to negotiate, are your moral rights respected, and what you are paid. Your input will be treated as confidential and not be shared with any third parties.  Only aggregated data will be used in the report.

For many people it's not only fees for use of photographs that is contentious, but also the associated contracts and the sometimes unbalanced negotiating position. The RPS is discussing such issues with others in the creative world and research such as this will help show the EC how creators find their business and, hopefully, encourage them to produce appropriate protective legislation.

The link for visual artists including photographers is and the closing date for the survey is 30th May 2015.