Landscapes, Landscapes, Landscapes

29 July 2016

Region: Headquarters

The Distinction team are asked many questions one of which is regarding landscape images and panels, "Can I gain a distinction with a Landscape submission?" We asked Susan Brown FRPS Panel member of the Licentiate, Pictorial and Creative categories and Landscape Photographer, her views on Landscape submissions.

"As a panel member in the Pictorial and the Creative categories and predominantly a Landscape Photographer, I personally and my colleagues will be looking forward to being presented with some good Landscape work.

There is a myth that Landscapes are not acceptable for Distinctions, but the work has to be powerful, full of drama and individual: as in any other genre. A successful Landscape panel should be a cohesive set of images displaying good use of light and with variety. Fog, frost, rain and storms all add impact. Clear blue skies and sunshine may be great for commercial work and encourage visitors to a location but they lack the impact of reality to display the often-adverse conditions.

Familiarity with an area brings success, changing conditions at the same location can demonstrate skill and awareness that forms an intimate relationship, understanding and therefore communicate an in depth understanding of the imagery in varying conditions".

Panel member Susan Brown FRPS


Example panels - click on the image to view their panel.

Jan Ros ARPS

“Nature in all its grandeur refreshes me, its offers repose and it is the inspiration for my landscape photography. The essential aspects for my personal expression are revealed through the random ‘artistic creations’ of nature.” Jan Ros ARPS

Isabella Knight ARPS

“Beauty and interest are to be found in many lesser known locations, especially where man has added to the landscape through the building of recreational, industrial and artistic structures.  The counter-point of such structures with the natural landscape can often provide vistas far more appealing than the landscape or seascape alone.”  Isabella Knight ARPS

Robert Bain ARPS

“Through these low-altitude aerial images, I want to challenge the viewer by presenting the recognisable alongside the less-familiar.” Robert Bain ARPS

Malcolm Blenkey ARPS

“My objective with this set of images is to interpret the mood and feel of a selection of local coastal locations that I know well.”

“I then spent about twelve months selecting, replacing and refining a set of images, with the help of feedback from the on-line RPS advisory service, to develop a cohesive portfolio of fifteen prints that I felt represented something I have a passion for.” Malcolm Blenkey ARPS

Sarah Kellatt LRPS

“I attended two LRPS advisory days before I felt brave enough to show any of my images to the Distinction’s panel. I’m glad I did as I learnt so much from just being a spectator and chatting with others in the audience.”
Sarah Kellett LRPS

Michael Arblaster LRPS

“My principal interest is in landscape photography, but I was apprehensive in presenting all landscape prints in my portfolio for a LRPS distinction. However, I tried to show my photographic skills by submitting a set of prints that demonstrated that I understood the importance of light in landscape photography and so the images were taken in a variety of lighting conditions, at different times of the day and in some instances using long exposures. ‘Water’ was a common theme running throughout my panel.”

Michael Arblaster ARPS