LRPS Distinctions Successes - February 2017

10 February 2017

Region: Headquarters

Congratulations to all those who were awarded their Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society in February:

1st February 2017
Ian Barker LRPS
John Cavana LRPS
Richard Dennis LRPS
Brian Etherington LRPS
Marston Hart LRPS
Paul Mason LRPS
Steve Oakes LRPS
David Thomas Pelling LRPS
Colin Perry LRPS
Mark Petherbridge LRPS
Christine Prickett LRPS
Chantal Ramard LRPS
Paul Rigg LRPS
Lindsay Southgate LRPS
David Warner LRPS
Stephen Waters LRPS

2nd February 2017
Rona Bassett LRPS
John Cheshire LRPS
Anthony Chivers LRPS
Douglas Cox LRPS
Tony Davies LRPS
Martin Gerling LRPS
Judith Kelly LRPS
Christopher Lee LRPS
Jeremy Madigan LRPS
Ian Mccormick LRPS
Philip Pell LRPS
Jonathan Ride LRPS
Philippa Smith LRPS
Rob Snellgrove LRPS
Cliff Spooner LRPS
Ton Van Der Laan LRPS