Voting is now open for the latest 365 competition shortlist

03 March 2017

Region: Headquarters

February's 365 competition invited members to share images capturing the theme Red. Voting is now open to you to vote for your favourites from the shortlisted images (voting closes 8 March).

Vote now on the shortlist.

Congratulations to members who have featured this month:

Htet Aung, Myanmar
Quentin Ball ARPS, UK
Yamile Benvenuto LRPS, Italy
Katherine Boswell, UK
Bernardo Cesare FRPS, Italy
Justin Cliffe, UK
Richard Dennis, UK
Nicola Fearnley ARPS, UK
Lin Gregory LRPS, UK
Jim Gritton, UK
Liz Hardley LRPS, New Zealand
Chris Harland ARPS, UK
Malcolm Hollis, UK
Stephen Jackson, UK
Rolf Kraehenbuehl, UK
Steve McDonald, UK
Mike Mills ARPS, Norway
June Poston, UK
Lisa Powers ARPS, New Zealand
John Smaller LRPS, UK
Ron Tear ARPS, UK
Barbara Traver Lopez de Ayala, Spain
Malcolm Tremain, UK
Kutub Uddin, UK
Anna Warrington ARPS, UK


March theme: Black and White Photography
Open to members at all levels of photographic ability. Submit your 5 photos online to the 365 website.

The monthly 365 competition features a different theme each month - entry is free and open only to RPS members. (The three winners each month will feature in the RPS Journal!) If you're an RPS member, find out how to enter on the competition site

Image: © Stephen Jackson. Detail from Aerochrome Pines