About Us

The London Region of the RPS aims to promote photography and image-making by bringing the creative community together.  We aim to provide opportunities for photographers at all levels:

  • for personal self-development
  • to help others to learn and grow
  • to explore and document the Capital and its social history
  • to enjoy and appreciate the Capital's wildlife and green spaces
  • to meet other like-minded individuals
  • to share their love of photography with the wider community.

How do we do this?

We create personal self-development opportunities for members of the RPS and the wider photographic community by running Workshops, RPS Distinction Advisory and Assessment Days, a Book Club (which we call the Bookworm Group) and a number of special one-off projects.

We help others learn and grow by providing educational opportunities, for example, by supporting the Café Art Programme with technical mentors and advisers

We document the social history of the Capital as it happens, by photographing, exhibiting and recording our surroundings through, for example, The “Bleeding London” Project, our regular Street workshops, and the Urban Group.

Using Bleeding London as a springboard "Breathing London" - one of our major 2016 projects - is design to capture the diversity of London's green and open spaces.  This links in neatly with the London Naturally Group who enjoy, explore and capture London’s Green spaces and wildlife during their regular monthly walks.

We keep pace with new technological development and different ways of documenting the world around us with our London Cine Group

We provide opportunities for photographers to meet others with a passion for photography in a social and learning environment, such as our London First Tuesday meetings.

We share our love of photography with the wider community through Exhibitions, Events, Publications and Photobooks.

We have a lively social media presence: here

We issue two monthly electronic publications, which contain news and articles from regional members. Both are available to read online or download as a pdf by following the links below:  they will tell you more about us. If you'd like to write an article or edit a special edition, please contact us via Capital Interest, which is a round-up of forthcoming events, and Capital Letter -

Our full calendar of events and activities can be accessed here and sub-calendars are available for each micro-group in their relevant sections.

Finally, how do we do all this?

All of our events and activities, from running the website to administering events from start to finish, are delivered by volunteers, supported by a small staff from Headquarters in Bath.

So that we can continue to provide our current extensive and varied programme of events and activities – and expand on them in the future – we need additional resources in all areas.  You might have existing skills you can help us with, or perhaps there is something you would like, or be willing, to learn.  Perhaps planning is your forte and you would like to be involved in the planning stage for some of our events, perhaps help shape the programme?

If you have an hour or so a week to spare, or even just the occasional morning or afternoon, please contact the Regional Organiser by e-mail:  London@rps.org