BL: Streets Covered

Click on the link to download the PDF/spreadsheet.  PLease note that these are rough guides as there are still a number of mislabelled streets and anomalies that need to be resolved.  If you want further details of a specific area, please email

These postcode areas have been completed (or we have a team in place who will complete it by the end of the year) so we are no longer accepting uploads for these areas - unless you're part of the designated team:

Latest additions to the completed areas:  SM4, SE7, SE18

  • EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4
  • E18, E20
  • N10, N19, N20
  • NW6, NW8
  • SE2, SE7, SE14, SE18, SE24, SE25, SE28
  • SW1, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW8, SW13, SW14
  • W1, W4, W13
  • WC1, WC2
  • BR4
  • CR0, CR2, CR4, CR7, CR8
  • DA1, DA6, DA16, DA18
  • EN5
  • KT4, KT5, KT6, KT7, KT8, KT10, KT11, KT12, KT13, KT14, KT15, KT16, KT17, KT18, KT19
  • RM1, RM5, RM13
  • TW11



PHASE II Lists of streets that need covering

Week 43

This week's hot-list is:  E6, E14, E16 and N2.  The 'to-do'list can be downloaded from here.

Week 42

The hot-list for this week is: E12, N2, SE12, SW2 and W7.  The 'to-do' list can be downloaded from here.

20.12.14 SE11 Streets still needed; Wharves that have been uploaded.

23.12.14 Bartrams and Cliftons

Week 41

These postcodes are on the hot-list:  E7, E13, N22, SE3, SW2

Week 40

Still do in in SE1 - possibly.  These streets are either missing or have been mislabelled.

The week's hot-list:  TW4, IG9, N12 and SE23.

And here are the latest upload deadlines.

Robert streets here.

Shire streets here.

Apples & Pears streets here.


Week 39

This week's hot-list is:  UB3, N18, SE12 and E12.

And here are the latest upload deadlines.

Shire streets here.

Week 38

This week's hot-list is:  E11, N9, SW16 and W3

Latest deadline list can be downloaded from here.

Love streets are available here.  

Raven streets are here.

Castle streets are here.

Cornwall streets are here.

Week 37

Our critical list this week is:  BR2, E4, N17 and NW9 and the "Gardens" in these area can be found here.

Latest deadline list can be downloaded from here.


Week 36

The Mortimers


By special request - lists of streets to do in the following areas:

E7, E14, E15, E16

N5, N7

NW1, NW2, NW8,

SE6, SE8, SE13, SE16, SE22

SW10, SW16, SW17


TW1, TW2

Completed:  E18, N19, NW6, SE2, SE14, SE25, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW13, SW14, WC1, W4 and W13.

For updates on the completed suburbs, email us:

This week, we're looking for streets in these featured postcodes:  HA2, IG6, UB3, EN3, SW2, SE19, E5 and NW11.  Click on the postcode to see which streets we need to cover.

Hill streets.

Deadlines for uploads and details of the areas completed can be found here.

Week 35 

We're looking for these streets in these featured postcodes E12, SE21, N16 and SW8

White Streets needed

Royal Streets needed

Upload Deadlines Week Commencing 03.11.14




Summary as of 27th October.

Brief Summary as of 4th October.   .

As at 15th September 2014


Central London Postcodes

Suburb Postcodes

As at 5th September 2014

Summary Table

As at 31st August 2014

Summary Table

Central London Postcode Areas

Suburb Postcode Areas

As at 31st July 2014 

Summary Table

BR Postcodes

CR Postcodes

DA Postcodes

E Postcodes

EC Postcodes

EN HA IG WD Postcodes

KT Postcodes

N Postcodes

NW Postcodes

RM Postcodes

SE Postcodes

SM Postcodes

SW Postcodes

TW Postcodes

UB Postcodes

W Postcodes

WC Postcodes


As of 5th July 2014

Postcode E

Postcode N

Postcode W

Postcode EC

Postcode NW

Postcode SE

Postcode SW

Postcode WC

Postcode KT

Postcode SM

Postcode TW

Other postcodes



As of 16th June 2014

50% or more of these streets have been done

We have no uploads from streets in these postcodes

Postcodes BR, CR and DA

Postcodes EN, HA, IG, RM, SM & UB

Postcode E

Postcode EC

Postcode KT

Postcode N

Postcode NW

Postcode SE

Postcode SW

Postcode TW

Postcode W

Postcode WC





As of 4th June 2014

Postcode E

Postcode EC

Postcode KT

Postcode N

Postcode NW

Postcode SE

Postcode SW

Postcode TW

Postcode W

Postcode WC

Other Postcodes