BL: It's Competition Time

Your competition entries should be uploaded directly to the Breathing London Website .  Below are details of our monthly competitions and a note about how they work:


June/July 2016 - The Essence of Place

July/August 2016 - Summer Holidays: Breaking the Mould

September 2016 - Pop Up Competition in the Magic Gallery

October 2016 - Autumn Colours and Textures

November 2016 - November Hibernation:  Winter, Foggy Days, maybe bringing in special reference to 'Remembrance'

December 2016 - Winter Wonderland

January 2017 - Winter in the Park

February 2017 - I love February!

March 2017 - Back to Spring Again


How they work

With effect from the June Competition, as far as possible:-

  • All competitions will be announced via Blog, Facebook and the Breathing London Bulletin

  • Each photographer may, in future, enter two pictures in each competition

  • Unless at least eight individual members enter a particular competition, it will not be judged and no prize will be awarded.

Competition entries will no longer be visible to competitors on the Breathing London website until after the closing date for uploads/.   Tagging will work in exactly the same way as before and you will be able to see what you have entered, but others will not (until after the closing date).